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Leadership Development Workshop

This is a minimum two hour workshop teaching people mindful leadership skills that can be applied to not only their professional life but their personal life as well. Special focus on learning to create a mindful work environment to support employee creativity and mental well being, while maintaining efficiency and focus.

Starting at $550
Continuing Education Credits​ are available. Inquire when booking.

Mindfulness Workshop for Businesses

Imagine you and your employees being happy, engaged, more productive…every single day! Imagine decreasing absenteeism! Imagine increasing revenue! The Mindfulness Workshop for Businesses is designed to bring Mindfulness Practice into the workplace thereby creating a more pleasant and relaxed environment where employees can be more creative, expressive and dedicated. This workshop teaches Mindfulness techniques that can be done at home and at work and it explains the benefits to an individual’s overall well-being and health. The employee will learn about how Mindfulness works and how to incorporate it into their everyday life. Two and four hour sessions available.

Starting at $650

Teen Empowerment/Anti-bullying Workshop

This seminar teaches students about their personal power and shows them that they have control over how they think and feel. It teaches them how to respond to people and their environment in a strong, positive manner and focuses on mindfulness to create a peaceful inner existence. A meditation element is included in the workshop. This workshop can be adapted to a half or full day.  An introductory 60-90 minute lecture is also available.

Starting at $350

Personal Development Workshop

Become powerful and strong in the mind and spirit to unlock your unlimited potential.  Learn to break bad habits and change negative beliefs and behaviors to get beyond yourself for personal success. Two, four, and six hour sessions available.

Starting at $550
Continuing Education Credits are available. Inquire when booking.  ​