Fitness and Health

Stress, Hormones, Mental Well-being and Health

A basic discussion on human physiology and how what we think, say or do can affect our overall health and happiness. 

Understanding the Relationship Between Stress and Disease

A basic discussion on how stress can affect basic body functions like hormones, digestion, brain function, etc. leasing to imbalance in the body which can set us up for disease.

Pain and Your Brain

What is pain? How does the body handle pain? Can we get rid of pain? Learn how the power of your brain can ease your pain. You will learn techniques that can help you relax, decrease your pain, and a possibly get rid of it entirely.


A plan to get you and your family to “turn off” technology a little every day.  How does the brain handle technology and what is too much? Do we need a break from it for our health and if so, why? Learn about the power and the challenges of technology to the human brain and our emotional well being.

Just Move

We are designed to be moving creatures. Basic discussion on how the body works, metabolism, muscle, bone, fat and the best types of exercises with consideration of age and health/injury. Learn how to get moving and feel good. Comfortable clothes are required as this will be a mildly physical lecture for adults of all health levels. 

Play Like a Kid!

Sometimes the kids have the best idea… just be silly and have fun…don’t put thought into it.  Let’s learn how to be silly, spontaneous and play like we did when we were kids!

The Touch Workshop

How touch and lack of touch affects our body, mind and spirit. Topics include defining touch, good touch, bad touch and how important touch is to us starting in the uterus.

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