Each membership level is designed to help you heal from toxic or narcissistic abuse. To help educate you on narcissistic behavior. And to help you overcome your fear, low self-worth, and low self-esteem to help you become the Warrior in your life! Choose the level that works best for you. Go at your own pass and sign up for Warrior 1, or really crank it up and go for Warrior 3!

Warrior 1
Become a Warrior!

Warrior 2
Become a Warrior!

Warrior 3
Become a Warrior!


Do you feel your weight does not represent the person you are now? Are you having health challenges and would like to take charge of your health and body? Then these add-ons might be just what you are looking for! Choose which add-on is the best fit. Weight loss? Wellness? Then add it to your current membership! These add-ons are done in 8-week increments. Warrior Membership is required. Feel great and lose weight in just 8 weeks for an additional fee of $97/month.


Want to work with Dr. Lori for an empowerment pick me up here and there?
Register for a 30-minute or 60-minute one-on-one session via phone or video
and pay per session

Warrior VIP Coaching Pay Per Session

60-min one-on-one Coaching Session
60-min Session

30-min one-on-one Coaching Session
30-min Session