Meet Dr. Lori Monaco

Dr. Lori Monaco is the founder and CEO of Align Wellness Center, LLC. She is a Chiropractic Physician, Wellness Profoessional, Life Coach specializing in emotional and mental abuse, Mindfulness Teacher, and Workshop Facilitator.

Lori is a Disruptor, Unapologetically Courageous, and Spiritually Grounded. She is a Warrior, stepping into her greatness in middle age by evicting three decades of depression, low self-worth, people-pleasing, and playing small. A former narcissist and a-hole super attractor, Lori now helps other women how to be the Warrior in their own lives by aligning with their Mind, Body, and Spirit through coaching, mindful living, and physical wellness.

Her speaking career began at Sherman College, teaching patients about wellness.  She earned her Doctorate in Chiropractic in March 1999 and while maintaining a full-time practice, continued lecturing at health and wellness venues and teaching workshops in her office.  In 2001, she began teaching post-secondary health and human sciences and focusing her continuing education studies on neuroscience, quantum theory, human behavior, and mindfulness.

The creator of “The 7 Pillars of Self” Lori teaches people to align with the seven elements of self: mental, emotional, physical, physiological, social, spiritual, and financial, bringing individuals to live their most authentic lives with better health, wealth, love, satisfaction, inner peace, harmony, and brave spirit.

Her services include online coaching, online and in person mindfulness workshops, in person Chiropractic and bodywork sessions. Her programs include Warrior VIP and Group Coaching. Warrior Wellness and Weight loss with the ChiroThin Weight Management System, Warrior Mindfulness Workshops for educators, professionals, healthcare workers, corporate, and laypeople (online and in-person). She is the co-host of the Phenomenal Empowerment show “VIVA CAFE con LECHE”. Lori is an author, writer, and blogger. She lectures throughout the country and coaches remotely connecting with clients around the world. She resides in eastern TN and is the proud Mama of 3 Fabulous young ladies, as well as several fur babies and scaley creatures.

Connect with her on FB,/Twitter/YouTube @drlorimonaco, IG @thebadassbuddha1, and  at

“Dr. Lori presents complex concepts and information in a way that you not only learn the material, but can apply it to your everyday clinical practice.” 

-Karen Reid, RN, LMT

“Dr. Monaco presented an inspiring program to assist the participants in achieving their goals by getting out of their own way. Thank you!” 

– Pauline Lamantia, Asstistant Vice-President for CISA

“She stands in front of a classroom and demands attention without having to ask for it and when she speaks… everyone is interested to know details of what she is talking about. I am honored to have had the opportunity to be her student. She is simply the very best.”

Mestre Efraim Silva, Executive Director at CT Capoeira & Dance Center

“Working with Inspire and Empower, LLC was a great experience – great communication, great product, and a fantastic flexibility to cater to the platform and audience we needed.

-Alex Newell, National Partnership for Educational Access (NPEA)

“Lori is a fabulous speaker who engaged the audience through verbal interaction, dancing moves, and reciprocal emotional cues. Informative and entertaining, “Transformation at ANY Age” has taught us how to transform ourselves, practice abundance, gratitude, and positivity, and has led us to understand that we can all achieve so much in just a thought.”

-Elena Granoth, Library Director Morris Public Library