Her Badass Story 4


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“Her Badass Story Volume 4”

Releasing AUGUST 21, 2023!!



More stories of courageous women who gave themselves permission to
unapologetically become the badasses in their own lives.

 Each chapter will focus on a different personal story on the life experiences that helped each woman become a BADASS, to give other women…and maybe some men, permission to own their story, transform their lives, be unapologetically courageous and authentic, and step into their greatness. 

Which chapter will be YOUR story?!


Here’s what this AMAZING opportunity includes:


What this opportunity includes:

    • One chapter per author
    • Picture and Bio page for every author
    • Additional Personality Bio with pics in appendix
    • Dedication from each author
    • Personal links to your website, social media, freebies
    • Initial editing done together with Dr. Lori and final editing done for you
    • Formatting done for you
    • Interior layout and design done for you
    • Cover design and layout done for you
    • Weekly group support Zoom sessions with Dr. Lori
    • One-on-one support sessions with Dr. Lori as many as needed
    • E-book distribution through Kindle on Amazon
    • ISBN
    • BEST SELLER Marketing Campaign included
    • Book Promotion group Zoom with Dr. Lori
    • Marketing copy provided for launch and promotion of the book on your website
    • “LIVE- Meet the Authors Event” where you get to be interviewed and let people see who you are now and why you decided to share your story! This event will be a great way for you to plug your book, yourself, and your business, to exact BIG change in the world, and to empower and impact women who have experienced trauma.
      Investment for this beautiful experience AND to become a published author:  $997.00                              


Just fill out a short application and set up a Meet & Greet with Dr. Lori so you can learn about the book series and how your story can impact this volume!!
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