Meet the Authors of Her Badass Story vol. 2

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Meet and speak to the authors of “Her Badass Story 2”.
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About Dr. Lori Monaco

Dr. Lori Monaco is the founder and CEO of Align Yourself Inc. She is a Narcissistic/Toxic Relationship Abuse Coach, mindfulness teacher, workshop facilitator, chiropractic physician, and author.

Lori earned her professional doctorate from Sherman College and her coaching certification from The Institute of Heart Math. She was a post-secondary human health science teacher for almost two decades. She is a board member of the non-profit organization Journal of Hope and Angels Give Back.

Known as the Badass Buddha, she is a disruptor, unapologetically courageous, spiritually grounded, magically orgasmic, and beyond authentic. She is a warrior, stepping into her greatness in middle age by evicting three decades of depression, low self-worth, people-pleasing, and playing small. A former narcissist and asshole super attractor, Lori now teaches other women how to be the warrior in their own lives.

The creator of “The 7 Core Pillars of Self,” she teaches people to align with the seven elements of self: mental, emotional, physical, physiological, social, spiritual, and financial, bringing individuals to live their most authentic lives with better health, wealth, love, satisfaction, inner peace, harmony, and badass spirit.

Her programs include Warrior Group and VIP Coaching, and Warrior Mindfulness Workshops for educators, professionals, healthcare workers, corporate, and laypeople (online and in-person). She is the co-host of the show Viva Café con Leche. She lectures throughout the country and coaches remotely, connecting with clients around the world. She is a proud mama of three fabulous young ladies and several fur babies and scaly creatures.

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About Margarita de Margarita

Margarita dé Margarita is a spiritual and creative healing coach, an end-of-life doula, author, speaker, abstract artist, storyteller of all things spirit, and sacred healer. She is the creator and host of the magical Moments con Margarita, a platform for deep conversations on life, learning, love, laughter, and healing (available on Facebook and YouTube).

She is the co-host of the powerful Facebook and YouTube talk show Viva Café con Leche, which is about real conversations over a cup of coffee. Their intention is to inspire all humans to see the beauty, set the mood for your day, be inspirational, motivational, and invoke peace, love, laughter, and light!

Margarita is also the creator and founder of Crickets Whisper ~Me Time~ LLC, apparel, accessory, and coffee business for women that teaches them how to cultivate self-trust, self-respect, self-honor, and self-love. It is a reminder to seek the silence within and listen for the whispers of hope.

She is the owner & operator of Naturally Orgasmic Café Co. LLC, an organic coffee roast brand centered around the ambiance of serenity and peace—“invoking happy childhood memories, one sip at a time.” Naturally Orgasmic Café Co. is not just a new coffee brand—it is a revolution of awareness.

Margarita specializes in the mind, body, and spirit of your yesterday, acknowledging the pain, sorrow, grief, and anger to transform them into acceptance for the healing process to begin. She teaches others to live in their now and be fully present in this moment, healing the spirit by feeding it kindness, gratitude, and trust while nurturing the ego with love and dispersing all anxiety and fear. She is currently writing an article from a woman, for all women, about the discoveries of the inner, most sacred beings that we are.

Margarita’s life mission, passion, and purpose is to be of service to women from all walks of life, who want to live their truths and become “a goddess in awe of herself!”

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About Robin Standish

Robin grew up in rural Alaska and has spent her life collecting stories and cultivating a deep relationship with the natural world. She has spent several summers walking thousands of miles along the long trails of America and is a firm believer in nature’s capacity to heal. She is an aspiring writer and is currently working on unraveling and finding her voice using various mediums and forms of self-expression. She travels for work and pleasure and has found herself spending months in small mountain villages in Nepal, jungle islands of Cambodia, and the frigid camp of South Pole, Antarctica. 

A born seeker, mystic, and Reiki Master practitioner, Robin enjoys deep dives into consciousness and spirituality. She comes from a family of artists and most recently has started an online jewelry business specializing in beaded earrings.

IG: WalkingThru

About Sylvia Worsham

Sylvia Worsham received three miracles from God on Easter Sunday morning in 2012. She used this major turning point to trade off her multiple award-winning sales careers at Pfizer Pharmaceuticals to become the author, multi-lingual speaker, and Turning Points Coach she is today. Sylvia lives her passion by helping men and women who find themselves at a crossroads navigate change with confidence, faith, and joy!

Her mission is to help professional parents become the best version of themselves so their kids have a chance at being happy, well-adjusted adults. She does this through her Joy in the Journey Masterminds, keynote addresses, one-on-one coaching, and conditioning programs. She resides in Austin, Texas with her amazing husband and two children.

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About Liane Monaco

Liane Monaco is the founder and chairperson of QS2 and STREAM Academy. She is passionate about developing hands-on, interactive youth programs applicable to industry and community requirements. With her 35+ years of experience in technology, business, education, and manufacturing, as well as earning her post-graduate degrees and educational credentials, she is determined to bridge the gaps between academia and industry by providing experiential learning environments that support creative thinking and nurture peer relationships, belonging, and social-emotional well-being.

In addition to being passionate about education, Liane enjoys learning about diverse cultures during her travels, backpacking, hiking, wine tasting, writing, and laughing as much as possible. If she can incite beverages to shoot out of her friends’ and family members’ noses, then she feels she has effectively tickled their funny bones.

Website: QS2
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About Lillian Maldonado

Lillian Maldonado was born to Puerto Rican parents in Norwalk, Connecticut. She is the mother of three amazing children who fuel her ambitions. She loves creating jewelry, helping empower other women, and being a tax preparer. She is an avid world traveler and a lover of nature. You will rarely see her without a smile on her face for she has a joy within that shines bright. Through a variety of services, she develops a customer relationship that is founded on respectful and genuine communication. 

With the Almighty guiding her, she has accomplished the following so far: becoming the owner and CEO of Maldonado Consulting Services Inc., the founder of Ajusta Tu Corona Inc., and a Domestic Violence Social Awareness Life Coach.

Lillian is a prime example of what is possible when you live a life by design and not default.

IG: Lillian Maldonado

About Milagros Medina

Hailing from Puerto Rico, Milagros Medina is the proud mother of two kids and one cat. Having beat all the odds, she stands here today in hopes of sharing her empowering story. With extensive knowledge and a degree in business marketing and administration, Milagros teaches others and does taxes under Liberty Tax Services. She is also a proud board member of Ajusta Tu Corona, which is a program that helps women who have struggled with domestic violence. 

Milagros is also an active member of the Latina community and helps guide others properly when it comes to navigating new waters.

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About Rachel Kaufman

Rachel is a Professional Life Coach, Reflexologist, Usui Reiki Master, and Mahatma Reiki practitioner. She studied the art and science of essential oils, aromatherapy, and other modalities, including acupressure and Shamanic techniques. Rachel also earned an MPH in International Public Health and worked in that field for many years. 

Rachel founded Integrated Healing Vibes to fulfill her dream of working as a healer, life coach, and teacher/mentor. Her unique blend of skills and experience allows her to access many tools from her “toolbelt” and tailor each session to what the client needs the most at that moment. 

Rachel was born to be a healer, connector, and protector. She is known among her peers, clients, and friends to be warm-hearted, caring, intuitive, and a good listener. She encourages clients to listen to and trust themselves, their intuition, and the universe! When in “healer mode,” Rachel often offers clients suggestions on ways they can practice self-care. With her coaching “hat” on, she partners with clients to guide them in finding the answers already within themselves. 

Rachel is fluent in Spanish and has lived and traveled to numerous Latin American countries. Her love of the region began at 16 when she lived in Costa Rica. Growing up, Rachel studied many forms of dance, which allowed her to be in the flow, grounded, and in shape! She loved performing ballet and jazz as a kid, and later belly dance as an adult. Rachel defines herself as a “cautious thrill seeker” and has bungee jumped, skydived, and done other crazy things all in the name of fun! She practices yoga, meditation, and Qigong regularly, and continues to dance and have fun when she can. 

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About Pamela Burditt

Pamela’s connection with the spirit world began quite unexpectedly at an early age. Growing up in the woods on the outskirts of a small town, a ghostly visit one night from an elderly neighbor opened her eyes to life in another dimension. Pamela never felt like she truly belonged amongst her peers and her experience drew her further within. She connected more to the wildlife around her than to her classmates. Pamela spent a lot of time in the woods where she climbed trees, played in swamps and creeks, foraged wild berries, and communed with forest life.

Pamela worked as a registered nurse in ICUs for 15 years of her 25-year career. She longed for a more natural way to practice healing and, with rosemary sprigs and crystals in her scrub pants when she swiped in for work, her soul swiped out!

As life unfolded, her quest to re-connect with the spirit world and return to Mother Earth led her to the jungles of Belize where she studied ancient Mayan healing modalities. Surrounded by mountains, medicinal plants, howler monkeys, blue-eyes spiders, and more, she felt at home.

Today, Pamela is a Maya Abdominal, Craniosacral, and Reiki practitioner. She also holds certifications in Advanced Spiritual Healing and Power Vinyasa Yoga instruction. A transformational healer, Pamela facilitates the release of physical, emotional, and spiritual toxins held in your body, so you experience the clarity and freedom to create the life your soul desires.

Currently, Pamela lives in Portland, Oregon, where she offers her powerful, hands-on gifts as she facilitates online courses and provides community workshops on a variety of healing modalities, including the use of plant medicine.

IG: Pamela Burditt
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About Raven Rhonda Neuhaus

Raven Rhonda Neuhaus is a gifted healer and intuitive with over 25 years of focus on her spiritual and healing practice. Her life’s journey has led her to study various spiritual traditions and healing modalities from Buddhism, Judaism, Hinduism, and Paganism to Native American, Mayan, and Incan traditions, as well as other gifts from beyond that have been given to her. Clients report her readings as amazingly accurate and her sessions as transformational. 

Over the years, her healing and intuitive gifts have continued to be affirmed by expanding her global practice and working with clients remotely from around the world. Raven is grateful to help support others on their path of healing and holds space for a wide range of deep work. Her work blends the inherent interconnectedness of the physical with the spiritual, emotional, and energetic realms. Raven’s gifts include supporting those with physical pain, illness, and trauma, including childhood trauma, breakups, and toxic relationships. Her sessions may tap into past lives and ancestral wounds. Her work is often a blend of deep energetic healing, medical intuition, and shamanic journeying. She has also worked with supporting the integration of plant medicines and is grateful to receive guidance from unseen realms. Overall, her clients describe her work as magical. 

Born in New York with a congenital physical disability, Raven Rhonda worked as an advocate for human and civil rights, specifically disability rights, for over 20 years. She is an attorney and mediator and holds a MA in Sustainable International Development. She has done this work in over 55 countries, throughout the United States, and in Washington D.C. She is also available as a consultant, trainer, and speaker. 

Raven is a deeply caring person who uses her complementary skills in all she offers. She is empathic and sensitive and has learned from her experience that healing trauma and rebalancing are needed by all as we face an uncertain future. She believes in positively affecting change in the world and is committed to being an instrument of that change. Raven lives with three beautiful cats, making her home both in Costa Rica and in the U.S.

Website: Spiral Healing by Raven
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About Gail Hornaday

Gail Hornaday was raised on Long Island with her sister and two brothers and now lives in Greensboro, North Carolina, having attended college at UNC Greensboro. She attained a BS in Recreation Management and is a certified NC Peer Support Specialist.

As a director of Life Enrichment for assisted living communities, she realized her passion for enriching the lives of older people and became aware that this work truly improved the quality of life for people during their last years.

She has a daughter, Kaitlynn, who has two children of her own—Bryson, 11, and Lola, 7. Gail is grateful to be part of their lives; watching them grow and explore the world around them without concern for the past or future is an amazing reminder of being in the now.

Gail became a Peer Support Specialist because she wanted to help others on their road to recovery from mental health challenges. She offers encouragement, support, and hope from having come through her own similar experiences. Her messages of hope are even richer since her awakening. Her awakening changed her knowing of who she truly is beyond all the content of her life—beyond thoughts, emotions, and life experiences. It brought her an awareness of the unconditional love that lives in all of us.

Today she constantly feels something inside that wants to be shared—a message of what it means to be a complete human being. She facilitates an online Eckhart Tolle Meet Up group she would love you to join, see below. She is working on a full-length book about her awakening and all it has taught her.

Her newest endeavor is creating a path in her woods to walk along and become aware of the stillness within. A path of wisdom. A path to share. Gail imagines guiding others through this hidden treasure where they also can feel their true essence. 

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About Debbi Dowling-Wahba

Debbie was born in Massachusetts but grew up in Yonkers, New York. She is a mom of six amazing children. She holds a Bachelor in Psychology from Mercy College. She is passionate about helping others. She likes to play pool and board games. She also enjoys cooking. Family time is the best time. 

She recently launched a business to help others to cope, manage, and redirect anxiety. She spoke at a conference and is looking forward to speaking on many more stages. She also wants to write a book about her entire story.

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Meet the Authors of Her Badass Story Vol. 1

Meet the authors of Her Badass Story! Dr. Lori Monaco

Meet The Authors Event!

About Dr. Lori Monaco

Dr. Lori Monaco is the founder and CEO of Align Yourself Inc. She is a Chiropractor, teacher, speaker, and coach, specializing in mindfulness practice, transformation, and aligning with authentic self to create an abundant life.

Known as the Badass Buddha, she is the creator of “The 7 Core Pillars of Self” where she teaches people to align with the seven pillars of the mental, emotional, physical, physiological, social, spiritual, and financial states of being. Aligning with these pillars brings the individual to their authentic self for better health, wealth, love, satisfaction, inner peace, and harmony.

Her programs include Warrior VIP, group, and Wellness coaching, and Warrior Mindfulness Workshops for educators, professionals, healthcare professionals, corporate, and laypeople (online and in-person). She is the co-host of the show “Viva Café con Leche”. Lori is a published author and is a writer and blogger. She lectures throughout the country and coaches remotely connecting with clients around the world. Connect with her on FB,/Twitter/YouTube @drlorimonaco, IG @thebadassbuddha1, and TikTok @thebadassbuddha, and at


About Margarita de Margarita

Margarita “the Gladiator Guru” is a Sacred Healer, an End of Life Doula, a  Spiritual & Creative Healing Coach, an author, speaker and artist, who appreciates discoveries of self & disruptions of stagnations. She assists women in walking in their truth and acknowledging the Goddess within. As an  Unapologetically courageous woman, Margarita paves the way for Spiritual freedom from past tragedies. Teaching women about the cultivation of Self Love.


About Chenille Hernandez

Chenille’s career has led her from teaching to television and winning an Emmy,  to Sales, and now an author. Chenille continually gives back to her community by volunteering in different initiatives. Chenille loves to spend time with her family and friends. She resides in Bristol, CT with her supportive husband  David, humble daughter Juliana and their loyal dog Riley. Chenille loves to cook, dance, listen to music, and play softball.


About KL Malley

After managing her own health crises head-on, KL Malley became a holistic nutrition and health coach. She now has the privilege of working with people who are living with or are at risk of developing chronic illnesses like obesity,  high blood pressure, high cholesterol, pre-diabetes, or other conditions manageable through lifestyle and nutrition changes. She is also a WomenHeart Champion Community Educator talking to groups about women’s heart health.


About Charisse Hughson -Chitolie, MSN, FNP-BC

Charisse is a Certified Family Nurse Practitioner specializing in Mental Health and co-founder of an Intravenous Hydration Company “ihydra8”. Charisse earned her Master of Science in Nursing from Chamberlain University, where she graduated Cum Laude. She inspires her two daughters to embark on their own career paths in nursing. Pivoting from nursing to entrepreneur,  encouraging, supporting, and educating those who want to improve their lives and heal from their hurt and trauma.


About Kelly Surette

Kelly Surette is the creator of Moms: The Musical and several other musicals.  She was a B.F.A. candidate in musical theater at The Boston Conservatory and received her B.A. in Theater from Merrimack College. She holds an M.S. in  Music Industry Leadership from Northeastern University with a concentration in Entrepreneurship. Ms. Surette is the author of the book Creative Miracles: A  Practitioner’s Guide to Adaptive Music. To learn more about Moms: The Musical visit


About Geronda Wollack-Spiller

Geronda (she/her) is a humor-filled, sweatshirt-rocking, Instagram-living BADASS. She holds a Master’s degree in Industrial-Organizational Psychology and is certified in Cultural Intelligence. Geronda is a speaker with a mission to empower LGBTQ+ young adults to feel courageous and confidently equipped to thrive when faced with life challenges. She provides workshops and coaching to enhance their true identity and empower them to make powerful decisions based on their values.


About Noël Sanborn

Noël is a writer, writer whose work is enjoyed by friends, family, and the occasional internet stranger. Lovingly referred to as a series of tiny disasters, she is passionate about shining a light onto some of the darker aspects of life and adding humor. A perspective that has helped her make the best of her existence. Noël resides in Connecticut with her future fiancé, stepdaughter, and their most perfect dog, Breakfast.


About Dr. Melissa Balizan

Dr. Melissa Balizan, a #1 Bestselling Author, International Speaker, Short Talks TV Star, has a passion for vitality in others working with her clients who are frustrated with only treating the symptom and desire to uncover the root cause.  As a consultant and concierge pharmacist, she serves as an advocate for individuals’ health and medicine needs with over 52,000 clinical hours of healthcare experience combining eastern and western medicine.