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​​What do you believe yourself to be?

Authentic, Badass, Amazing, Phenomenal, Brave, Brilliant, Beautiful, Outrageous, Transformed, Enlightened, Empowered, Inspired, Determined, Successful, Blissful, Financially Free, Grounded

Or do you believe that you are…

not good enough, unsuccessful, mediocre, fearful, lost, stuck, undeserving, powerless, a failure?

The biggest obstacle that prevents you from being successful, happy, and living an abundant life…is YOU.

If you believe that you are not worth it, not good enough, not smart enough, not rich enough, not strong enough…
then you will be all those things.

The mind is powerful.

What we believe ourselves to be is what we become.

If we limit ourselves, we will live a limited life.
So, what do you believe yourself to be?

“Lori is a brilliant educator. She’s entertaining, educational, and unique. I valued the time I spent learning from Lori in the classroom.”

– Sherry T.

“Dr. Lori presents complex concepts and information in a way that you not only learn the material, but can apply it to your everyday clinical practice.”

-Karen Reid, RN, LMT

“Dr. Lori presented an inspiring program to assist the participants in achieving their goals by getting out of their own way. Thank you!”

-Pauline Lamantia, Asstistant Vice-President for CISA

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Companies Dr. Lori Monaco, Health Coach, has worked with

​​Get inspired, focused, empowered, and out of your own way…

Become the best version of yourself, who you were always meant to be.

The goal here is to help you understand how awesome you are and to teach you to move beyond what you believe yourself to be to create fulfillment in your life. It’s all about YOU!

It all starts by making a commitment to yourself to move forward not backward, in your life journey.

My job is to guide you and give you the tools you need to create that abundance. Through one on one coaching, group coaching, lectures, and workshops, you will learn how to be the most incredibly awesome version of yourself… for a better life… a better you… a better world.

​It will be an amazing adventure and a lot of fun!

You are NEVER too old to make changes in your life!

Dr. Lori age 38 and age 51


Age is just an excuse!

Do you want to…

Feel great and look great?
Lose weight fast in a healthy way?

Break bad habits that sabotage your goals?
Change your relationship with food?
Keep the weight off for good?


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